Keystone Information Sales and Services:

Keystone Information Sales and Services:

What's new...

We are currently working on a number of web sites presenting information on a variety of topics. The first two added will be:

STAMPS: An accumulation of stamp data, tips, tricks and general information of all types for collectors. At a later data a similar site will be added for Coins and Currency.

Railroad and Trolley Photographs and associated information.

Scale Railroader ecommerce and information for scale modelers.

Much more to come! Keep an eye on this tab as well as the Sites and the Future Sites & Subjects pages for detailed information.

Our Objective...

Keystone ISS Inc's web sites are first and foremost a valuable information resource for the communities which they serve.

Although Keystone does offer a variety of products including information products and services through a variety of outlets, we pride ourselves in being a source for useable and reliable information.

Jeffrey M. Coney, CEO

Has led the firm since its inception in 2002, Mr. Coney, a self described "information junkie" has been involved in each area of interest contained in our web sites As an example:

His Family has been involved in woodworking either as avid hobbyists or professionally for generations. Many of his personal tools have been in his family for 3+ generations. He grew up with a wood shop in his house and was amazed to find out as a boy that many families didn't have one...

He has been a stamp collector since 1972; he started collecting stamps as a boy buying stamps via approval packets from H.E. Harris with the proceeds from his paper route in Williamsport PA.

Keystone ISS Staff:

This is predominately a family business but all areas of interest are areas that our staff members have a genuine interest in and can speak to from personal experience.

Subject Mater Experts:

We provide information from other knowledgeable sources, experts who write for our sites and offer the fruits of their experiences for more information about SME's please view the information on this page.

About Us...

This company started out as the culmination of professional and hobby information collected over the years by our Founder and other family members. He's a self-described "Information Junkie" and feels, on some levels he probably should have been a librarian or in the Quartermaster Corps. His talent for collecting and organizing materials and information has grown over the years and has come a long way from the humble beginnings in our founders basement. In 2002 Keystone ISS Inc. was formed as a part time venture, in part to find a way to share the accumulated knowledge and resources with the communities of the Internet.

Over the years Mr. Coney has written for a number of organizations and even initiated and organized large repositories or libraries for them. He has also written for or contributed materials to various web sites and entertained writing for several sites on a semi-full time basis. Only to find out that most of the sites he talked to were more interested in flashy superficial content designed to drive traffic to their ads and marketing schemes than that of actually offering a large, stable repository of useable and pertinent information on a variety of subjects.

Out of frustration he and other like-minded individuals, predominantly family members started this series of web sites in 2008. This is a newly developed web site as are the subsidiary sites. A listing of current sites is available as are our plans for the immediate future sites. Although not all long term site and subjects are listed, rest assured there is a long list.

This is a family run business and we like to think of and treat our Subject Matter Experts and users as family.

Research Projects: We perform research to support our sites as well as special interest partners and clients. This research takes many forms and in some cases has led to the development of new products and services or capabilities. Generally research projects are multi-phased in increments or 6 months to one year, depending on funding and contractual obligations.

  • Certification and verification of philatelic exhibits and counterfeit detection. This will be expanded to include other negotiable items and documents in the future.
  • Security issues revolving around ecommerce and e-marketing

We offer our information repositories to the public freely and without charge. We do offer some information products for sale in addition to the information listed on these web sites. We also offer much of this free content on CD and DVD for ease of off line use and the user's convenience, while charging a modest fee to cover the cost of time and production.

We do not intend to turn this or subsidiary sites into marketing ploys completely over run with ads. One of our pet picks is to find a site with moderately useable information but it's so obscured by advertisements that it's actually difficult to read or save the information being presented. It is our promise that any ads we place on a page will be in some way related to the content, it will be unobtrusive and it will not distract or annoy by blocking content, hovering over or moving/blinking.

The only reason for advertisements on our web pages is to defray the cost of hosting, web development and web maintenance. Eventually, we plan to add an e-commerce site which will offer items which complement our areas of interest.

We appreciate your taking the time to read this page and we invite you to explore this site and our other sites for information and resources. If by change, you have a subject or topic in mind that we'd like to see us cover please recommend it. We're working diligently on the current and immediate future sites but we're always willing to accept constructive input.

On the other hand, if you see a topic or subject area that we do cover and you feel that you have something to contribute we welcome your interest. Please read the information on the 'submit' and 'Be a SME' pages.


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Incorporated: 2002

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Thank you,
Jeffrey M. Coney, CEO